The other week I went to Bondi specifically to shoot the ocean pools at Bondi Icebergs. I was hoping to get there really early but I’m not the biggest morning person so I ended up at the beach at 11am…better late than never I guess.

I’m quite new to Sydney and I’m still in awe of the city’s ocean pools. They’re beautiful I think. A man-made structure so perfectly in harmony with the ocean. And what’s even cooler is that the pools are not some exclusive hot-spot for a select few, they’re there to be enjoyed by everyone.

I had a coffee at the Icebergs Terrace watching swimmers make laps across the still water of the pool. Just next to them the ocean swirled and waves crashed into the side of the pool. I sat there thinking just how awesome this all was. Where else in the world do you get something like this!!




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