Exhibition – Australian Centre for Photography

This is a first for me, well, if you don’t count an art exhibition in my high school days where I had a ‘surrealist’ painting exhibited in the school hallways. My portrait of Rhiannon has been chosen to take part in an exhibition at the Australian Centre for Photography this month. When I found out I had been selected, a happiness came over me which I hadn’t felt for many years. It’s the kind of happiness you feel when something you care about so much, something you put your heart and soul into, receives recognition from people who don’t know you. Feeling like this has confirmed for me that I am in fact on the right path with this crazy photography journey. It’s difficult sometimes, you doubt yourself, you compare your work to others’ work, you question if what you’re doing is right, you wonder if having a regular job is easier. But then, moments like these happen and you feel that you’re getting a sign from the universe…don’t give up, keep going, it’s what you truly love.

The exhibition is open to the public from 21 to 23 August so if you’re in the area, there’s some amazing work on display.



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