Lyndoch Lavender Farm

A long time ago I saw a photo of the lavender fields in France. The big expanse of purple was just mesmerising. So when I found out about the Lyndoch Lavender Farm in the Barossa Valley, barely an hour’s drive from where we live, I was beyond excited. I had visions of vast blue and purple fields, of rows and rows of lavender I could walk through and take photos of.

We visited the Farm last weekend on a sunny 30C day and wondered through for an hour or so. My visions of purple fields did not quite materialise as many plants were yet to flower. Despite that, the place is a nice little getaway from life in the city. The drive to the farm is very picturesque and the farm itself is surrounded by gorgeous yellow fields.

It’d be amazing to shoot bridal portraits here so if you like the scenery and are getting married at a venue nearby I would love to hear from you.





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