What’s my vibe on a wedding day?


I’m relaxed and approachable and I’m always up for a chat. I like to work with couples with whom I can be friends.

I always get swept up in all the emotions and excitement of the day and enjoy the party as much as you and your loved ones.

Your wedding day is meant to be fun and relaxed and I believe you should have as much time as possible to celebrate with your loved ones. For this reason I like to let things unfold naturally and I don’t interfere with the flow of the day.

If you’re a bit like me and not the biggest fan of stepping in front of a camera then I think we will get along very well! I can promise you there will be no posing, I will not create moments or ask you to do awkward things.

Some couples are very affectionate while others are more about fun and laughter. I always take cues from you as a couple and how you like to interact with each other and adapt my shooting style accordingly.

I spend most of the day quietly capturing everything around me and a lot of the time you will probably not even notice I’m there. I will step in and give you a bit of direction if needed, for example during family photos and sometimes for the wedding party portraits if you have a large wedding party.

As my wonderful couple Anjelica and Joel said “It was really like having a friend around.”




So what do you get when you book me?


A Bespoke and Personal Experience

When you book me to document your day you are truly getting a bespoke and personalised experience. I approach each and every wedding with no preconceived ideas of how things should be. I make your experience unique to you by getting to know you before the wedding day and the things that matter most to you.

You will always deal with me, before and after your wedding. You can ask me anything wedding related and if I don’t know the answer I have many friends in the industry who I can turn to. I will help with your run sheet, suggest beautiful location ideas for the portrait session and give you advice on the best light to shoot in.

I am not a large wedding studio and you will not be just a number to me. I like to invest time in you as a couple and get to know you well before I even show up to your wedding day.


A Professional Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is my full time job and I have been photographing weddings since 2014. Documenting a wedding day has become second nature to me. I’m very in tune with how wedding days flow and I can instinctively anticipate moments and know the exact place to be to capture them.

I’ve shot weddings in difficult weather and challenging lighting conditions and you can always count on my experience and creativity to make the best of any situation. I also think that bad weather shouldn’t impact on your wedding day at all – rainy days make for beautifully moody images and colours that pop!


Superior Attention to Detail

I am extremely meticulous and I only deliver the best of the best.

When shooting on the day I am very mindful of the composition and background details – taking great care to avoid distractions, placing you in the best light and shooting from flattering angles.

After your wedding I carefully go through all the images taken and select the best collection to tell your story.

I also edit each image individually (I don’t outsource this part of the job) with a lot of care taken to ensure colour grading and exposure is perfect.


Responsiveness and Quick Communication

Before I became a full time wedding photographer I practiced law and the experience the corporate world gave me is invaluable in that it taught me to be professional, reliable and responsive. You will always hear back from me in a timely manner, you will not have to chase me or follow me up and I always deliver your images within the promised timelines.

When it comes to planning a wedding and you’ve got a million things on your plate you will want to deal with someone who is quick to respond to all your questions and someone who you can rely on before and after your wedding day.


A Relaxed and Fun Day!

When you book me to document your wedding you can be assured that I will be unobtrusive – I don’t work with massive tripods and lighting set-ups and I quietly move around during the most important parts of your day.

As my lovely bride Sarah said “For the ceremony and reception, Sonja was truly ninja and I didn’t see her running around at all, but she captured so many special moments. Impressed that she was able to do so much on her own.”


So if you like what you see in my portfolio and think we’d be a good fit for each other I’d love to hear from you.

I’m always happy to jump on the phone for a chat or to meet you for a coffee and hear all about your wedding plans.

A lot of couples book me a year in advance so please don’t leave things too late as popular dates during wedding season book out well in advance.