I’ve been photographing weddings for 10 years and something that I have learned after attending hundreds of weddings is this: Wedding days are not about perfection. They are are about all those unforgettable moments, the celebration, the coming together of families and friends.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the beautiful details, the wedding dress, the way a veil moves in the wind. And flowers, especially flowers! I intuitively know how to capture all the details in a beautiful way. But, and what I have seen time and time again, is that the most treasured photos are those that capture the unscripted and genuine moments between a couple and their loved ones, the photos that capture the essence of who you are and what your wedding day felt like.

The more I shoot, the more I feel that photography’s value on a wedding day isn’t in the perfect image – it’s in the moments captured – those moments that many years from now will be able to bring the viewer right back to that day and to stir up all the emotions all over again.

And that’s what I’m good at. I can feel those moments coming and I’m ready to capture them, it’s an automatic process for me, it just happens, I don’t think about it or force it. This is also why you won’t find me fussing about minor details, making everything perfect or staging moments.

My job is to capture weddings in the most authentic and beautiful way.

I like to think of myself as an artist, there to create a visual memoir of one of the most special days of your life.



How I work on the day


I’m relaxed and approachable and I always get swept up in all the emotions and excitement of the day. I truly enjoy the party as much as you and your loved ones.

Your wedding day is meant to be fun and relaxed and I believe you should have as much time as possible to celebrate with your loved ones. For this reason I like to let things unfold naturally and I never interfere with the flow of the day. There will be no posing, I will not create moments or ask you to do anything that doesn’t feel natural and authentic.

Some couples are very affectionate while others are more about fun and laughter. I always take cues from you as a couple and how you like to interact with each other and adapt my shooting style accordingly. I also provide gentle direction when needed but even this is done in a relaxed and organic way.

I spend most of the day quietly capturing everything around me and a lot of the time you will probably not even notice I’m there. I will of course step in and give you a bit of direction if and when needed. My style of shooting is very much on the go, capturing real moments and allowing you to immerse yourself in the magic that is your wedding day.

I approach each and every wedding with no preconceived ideas of how things should be because every couple has their own story, their own dynamic and all those little things that make them tick. I make your experience unique to you by getting to know you before the big day and the things that matter most to you.

If you’ve come this far and you feel that we would be a good fit, please reach out as I’d love to hear from you.