Still Life – Beautiful Light

I love natural light. The kind of light that comes through heavy clouds is especially beautiful. And because of this, and the fact that I shoot mostly during the day, I’ve never really taken an interest in using artificial light in my photography. But as I continue to grow as a photographer I feel that it’s important that I learn to master artificial light so that I can use it to my creative advantage. I believe that once you understand how light behaves, a whole new world of creative photographic opportunities will open up to you.

And so I decided to make use of these cold winter nights and have enrolled in a lighting course at the Australian Centre for Photography. The course has been awesome and very practical. Last week we spent three hours in the studio shooting still life. While I loved photographing the scene I had set up, I felt that it needed some ‘real’ life and so I asked a fellow photographer to place her hand on the white orchid, as if she was lightly adjusting it.

I love the colours and the mood in this shot. I love how the light plays on the flower and the lemon. There are some really pretty elements here but I think the light is the star of the image.


still life photography studio orchid lemon

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